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August 2011


Non-governmental organisation Praxis was established in June 2004 by taking over the Civil Rights Project from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). NRC had previously conducted the Project in the region as of 1996 and in Serbia as of 1997. With financial support of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Praxis continued to protect the rights of its target groups - refugees and internally displaced persons in Serbia - through legal remedies and advocacy activities, by promoting values of civil society and raising public awareness about the problems its target group face.

The aim of the Civil Rights Project (CRP) was legal protection of refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and internally displaced persons from Kosovo in order to enable their enjoyment of human rights on an equal and non-discriminatory basis and assist them in making a decision regarding a durable solution for themselves and their families.

During the past seven years, Praxis activities within the CRP primarily referred to provision of free legal assistance, information and counselling to refugees and internally displaced persons in relation to access to rights in the country/place of origin or exile/displacement, mainly with regard to access to documents, property and other socio-economic rights. At the same time, inseparable from legal assistance, Praxis also performed the advocacy activities aimed at removing systematic obstacles in accessing rights, changing and harmonizing the practice of competent bodies and preventing further violation of rights of the target groups. 

Film on Praxis’ activities can be seen HERE

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