Legally Invisible Persons

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Documentary “Here I Am” at Human Rights Film Festival

The documentary “Here I Am”, produced by Praxis in cooperation with Dokukino and with financial support from the European Union, will be presented at the Human Rights Festival in Zagreb (8-14 December 2012) and in Rijeka (12-16 December 2012). Human Rights Film Festival was established in 2002 with an aim to enhance the visibility of topics that promote open-mindedness, multiculturalism, tolerance, freedom of choice.

“Here I Am” examines the existential problems of the residents of informal Roma settlements in Serbia and introduces viewers to the very much alive, parallel world of the marginalised whose faith and hope are their basic tools of survival. In the spirit of the marginalised and from the subjective point of view, the leading actor presents to the audience his friends whose fate often depends only on one paper or somebody's good will.

In order to draw the public attention to the most marginalised minority group in Serbia and appeal for the solution of its problem, Praxis and its partners have also made short video clips of the documentary, which can be viewed on YouTube through the links entitled “Here I Am -Legally Invisible” and “Here I Am - Forced Evictions”.

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