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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Public Call to the Unemployed Persons of Roma Ethnicity for Granting Self-Employment Subsidies in 2014

National Employment Service (NES) announced a Public Call for granting subsidies for self-employment of persons of Roma ethnicity in 2014. The subsidies are directed at unemployed persons of Roma ethnicity who are registered with the NES and have completed the training for starting their own business. The subsidy is granted to an unemployed person in the amount of 160.000,00 dinars, and the person who is granted the subsidy is obliged to run the registered business for at least 12 months. The right to subsidy may also be exercised by several unemployed persons entering into partnership, founding a business society for self-employment and, in that case, each person individually submits a request for self-employment and the exercise of the right to subsidy of 160.000,00 dinars. The request with the business plan is submitted at the form prescribed by the NES. Potential beneficiary of the subsidy is obliged to provide some form of debt security (mortgage, right of pledge, bond, bill of exchange) prior to concluding the contract. The deadline for submitting the request with the business plan is 29 August 2014.

For detailed information see: Public Call to the unemployed persons of Roma ethnicity for granting self-employment subsidies in 2014
The list of businesses that cannot be subsidized through the Public Call
Request with the business plan for self-employment subsidies

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