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Friday, 3 October 2014

New Report on Statelessness Reveals Shocking Human Rights Abuse across Europe and Calls for Urgent Reform

European Network on Statelessness, a network of 53 organisations, launched its report Still Stateless, Still Suffering – Why Europe Must Act Now to Protect Stateless Persons, which contains testimonies by stateless migrants living in 11 European countries. It unveils a shocking but previously hidden picture of individuals languishing in immigration detention for years, living destitute on the streets, stuck in endless limbo and desperately seeking to become a part of mainstream society.

The report asks why so little is being done to protect people in this situation, and makes recommendations for urgent reform by calling on states to implement adequate safeguards and regularisation procedures for stateless persons living among us today. The report contains 20 stories collected through individual interviews and clearly indicates the necessity why European governments must act now.

The publication of the report coincides with the 60th anniversary of the 1954 UN Statelessness Convention, and is a part of a wider campaign bringing together a broad spectrum of actors. The campaign will culminate in a concerted day of action against statelessness across Europe on 14 October 2014.

 “Stateless people do not choose to live without a nationality and they urgently need our help if they are to be rescued from spending years of their lives stuck in limbo - facing detention, destitution and with no way out. Yet the solution is simple and many more states need to follow the recent example set by the UK in establishing a dedicated mechanism to identify and regularise stateless persons. This not only allows states to respect their international obligations but also provides a policy solution for individuals who lack a nationality so anyway have no other place to go. Otherwise stateless persons will continue to suffer in the abject conditions highlighted in our report.” (Chris Nash, Director of the European Network on Statelessness)

Download the report: Still Stateless, Still Suffering – Why Europe Must Act Now to Protect Stateless Persons

* The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) is a network of non-governmental organisations, academic initiatives, and individual experts committed to address statelessness in Europe. Based in London, ENS is a coordinating body and expert resource for organisations across Europe who work with or come into contact with stateless persons. It currently has 53 member organisations in over 30 European countries.

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