Thursday, 18 December 2014

Praxis Statement on the International Migrants Day

On the occasion of 18 December, the International Migrants Day, Praxis wants to draw attention at difficult position of asylum seekers and irregular migrants in Serbia.

During 2014, more than 10,000 persons with intention to seek asylum crossed over Serbia, running away from armed conflicts and harsh violations of human rights, without being able to exercise their rights in our country either. Non-functional asylum system, postponement of adoption of amendments to the Law on Asylum, insufficient accommodation capacities, impeded access to socioeconomic rights are just some of systemic problems that reflect the lack of political will to find a durable solution. In addition to these problems, there is also widespread xenophobia expressed not only by citizens but also by the representatives of public authorities.

The International Migrants Day is the last change to ask ourselves why, as a society, we are not moved when people in our neighborhood sleep in woods and abandoned factories, exhausted by hunger and thirst, with frostbite, in fear of an uncertain future. We are calling on authorities to fulfil their obligations with an aim of establishing the efficient asylum system, but also on citizens to show understanding for all those who are forced to leave their homes and seek asylum somewhere else.

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